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by Student, Emily M. , Florida

A few days ago all the Abbey Road kids arrived in beautiful Nice, France. When we got to the residence hall, all of us had time to rest and unpack. Later that evening, we experienced a wonderful French dinner. I had grilled pepper salad and gnocchi, which was absolutely incredible! 

The second day the group took a walk on the beach after a nice brunch with tons of selections! The ocean water was cool and refreshing. Everyone sat in the sun and enjoyed the cloudless sky. For dinner, we went to a park and had some pizza and gelato and got to know one another. I’m so excited for all the things the French Rivera has to offer!

Tuesday was the first day we started electives. I chose to be in the conversation club, which was tons and tons of fun! We went to the beach and spoke French with our instructor who makes it so much fun! After that, we stopped and bought ice cream, which is incredible! We then met up with our group and had an amazing home-cooked dinner at the residence. The night ended by the group taking a long walk across the boardwalk.

Today we took a train to another part of Nice to go snorkeling offshore. We all jumped into the beautiful blue ocean and saw coral and fish swimming all around us. For dinner, we had amazing sushi and then went to a salsa dancing festival.

July 10

Yesterday was the elective day! We changed it up a bit from the last elective day because this time we went to a really amazing bookstore. We then met everyone back at the residence hall and prepared for our home cooked meal for the night. We had an amazing Mediterranean curry that was to die for. At the end of the night, everyone walked around the beautiful town and experienced a night out to shop and dine.

Today we went to Villefranche! We spent the whole day on the shores of some of the most beautiful waters. We then attempted to go to a 1940s classic French movie, but things didn’t turn out as we planned. Long story short, all of us ended up getting the giggles and we had to leave, but it was okay because we ended up going back to the residence hall and just hanging out and became even closer with everyone.

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