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Nice Through The Eyes of a Local

After living for six years in the city of Nice, the place is now much more familiar. What is fascinating about living in a city which is known over the world is to find places very few people know about. A square meter of intimacy away from the crowds.

In Nice everyone loves the Old Town. The charm of all its little boutiques with local specialties, the narrow streets Italian style, the music in the air, the cafés and restaurants,  make it the most popular neighborhood in the city for locals and visitors. But as every place everyone loves, one’s might want a little island in this space, somewhere that is not as well known.

Near the main part of the old town, there is a square called Rosetti. It is a beautiful place with a large fountain in the middle, facing the Santa Reparata Cathedral, a traditional homemade ice cream shop on the sides. It is a place where people gather during summer to admire the church while sitting around the fountain or meeting with friends.

On the side of Rosetti square, there is a street called Rue Central, it is so narrow that Google Maps and Street View do not report it. At the end of this street, between two high buildings, there is a square, which is the tiniest I have ever seen. It should be about 8 square meters total. There is just a small fountain, an old boulangerie and a café.


This is my favorite place in the whole city. Almost no one passes nearby during the day, it is small enough to be hidden by the buildings and still it catches the sunlight most of the day. This where I like to sit to have a café, sometimes a croissant, as well either to spend time reading or just enjoy the moment listening to the fountain.

Even if they are great shops and a market in the old town, I know whatever I am doing that there isa small oasis always reachable nearby. During the summer, when the city fills itself with visitors from all over the world, I know that I can step out from the hassle and bustle to disappear in this hideout. So do me a favor, do not try to find it!

Maxime, Abbey Road Staff, 2013