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Nice Jazz Festival

Last night, the we went to the Nice Jazz Festival! Some in the program expressed interest, so the staff looked into buying tickets for the concerts. Kathy, our program director, was taking a count of who was interested in going. I was only planning on going for the experience and to be with the others from the program. But that was until Kathy mentioned that one of my all-time favorite artists, John Legend, was performing. My hand instantly shot up. There was no way I could turn down a chance to see John Legend. She also mentioned that Kellylee Evans and C2C were performing. I heard never heard of either of them, but apparently they were both huge in France. Luckily for us, there were still available tickets to the festival!

We all got dressed up nice and made our way to the festival. We got in to with no problems. A few of the other kids and I decided to try to get as close to John Legend as possible, so we pushed our way to the front. After squeezing through tight spaces and receiving a few elbows hits, we finally ended up two people away from the stage! It was the closest many of us had ever been to a stage. At that time, my feet and legs were in a lot of pain; all of the walking and standing that we had be doing had added up, and I felt it all. It was a little unpleasant, but I wouldn’t trade my situation for anything. We were so close to John Legend!

Finally, Kellylee Evans came on stage and began to excite the crowd. I really enjoyed her voice; it was strong and pure, yet different. She sang some beautiful songs. After she exited the stage, John Legend made his appearance. Everyone from the program and much of the crowd was crazy excited.

His concert was one of the best I had ever been to! His voice is angelic live, and he really knows how to bring energy to the audience.

I loved being in the audience! I really felt like a part of the French culture. There were teenagers, young adults, older people, and families. Everyone was laughing, meeting new people, enjoying themselves and the company of others. People had come to this festival because it was a tradition. It was a part of the French culture.