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Nice 2018 Experience Part 3
by Student, Arianna R. , Quito, Ecuador

Today started as a normal day where we woke up at 8:30 for our 9:00 French class. We learned how to conjugate ER verbs in the passé compose and in the imparfait, and then we had to create two stories that were in the past. One of the stories had to be a truth and the other had to be a lie, and then we had to read the stories to the class and they had to guess which one the truth was, and which one was the lie. After our teacher took us to the market and we learned how to talk to the people who were selling the food. I got two peaches, one mango, and a grapefruit. After class, my friends and I had lunch at the residence.
Today we had pasta with cheese sauce which was similar to mac and cheese. Everyone was very happy to have something that was similar to American food because the last couple of weeks we have had food that has been very different. After lunch, we went shopping for a couple of hours because my friends needed to find clothes and souvenirs for their family and friends. I got a shirt for my older sister and I got sunglasses for my younger sister.

French Beach

In the afternoon, we took the train and went to a town East of Nice called Villefranche. When we got off the train we had a very long walk to the beach where we were going snorkeling. When we got there, we got spilt into two groups; the first group went snorkeling first for an hour and a half, and the second group went to the beach and waiting for the other group to finish. I was in the second group, so my friends and I tanned for a little and then we went swimming in the ocean. The beach was nicer than the one in Nice because it was similar to sand and we were not laying on hard rocks. After the other group came back from snorkeling, we switched, and we got to go snorkel. When we were snorkeling, we saw lots of beautiful, small fish and lots of coral. The guide pointed out some other sea life that was native to Nice and we got to hold a sea sponge.

After we got out of the ocean, we walked back to the beach and we went back to the train station. When we got back to the residence, we had burgers and got ready for the Jack Johnson concert. The concert started at eleven, so we had to get there at 10 to make sure we got a good seat. He was playing at the Nice Jazz Festival, so we got to see another local jazz band played before him. When Jack came on we got to hear all the songs we knew, and we had a great time. All my friends and I were singing along to the songs and we got lots of good videos and pictures. I am so glad I got to experience this concert in Nice, and it made me so sad that I have to leave in a few days.
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