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New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

by Marissa Muller, Abbey Road student correspondent

Have Trouble Thinking of a resolution for the New Year? Or maybe you didn’t accomplish your goal from last year (maybe even 2005) and you want this year to be a success? Or maybe you went to the gym once, and realized you weren’t going to be able to stick to that resolution. Well here is the guide you have been looking for. If you do any of the things listed below, you know this should be your New Year’s Resolution for 2014.

1.      Read the book: You know this should be your resolution when…

  • Books are used as decoration in your room instead of actually being read
  • You believe watching the movie is the same thing as reading the book
  • Spark Notes is the longest novel you have ever read


2.      Cut down on Social Media: You know this should be your resolution when…

  • All of your responses are under 160 characters
  • You regularly say, “I saw that on Instagram hours ago”
  • You judge people based on how many likes their profile picture has


3.      Cancel the Netflix subscription: You know this should be your resolution when…

  • It is hard to find a show you haven’t seen on it
  • You’ve spent more than 20 continuous hours watching a show ( i.e.Breaking Bad….)
  • You start re-watching your favorite childhood shows (Hello, SpongeBob)


4.      Control your inner shopaholic: You know this should be your resolution when…

  • You’ve spent at least five hours or more online shoe shopping in one day
  • You buy something and realize later you already own it
  • You know where people on the street bought their clothes





If any of these applied to you, you might want to consider making it your new year’s resolution.  But whatever you choose to do; try and stick to it. Even when the homework piles up, social activities are booming, and you are considering laying down for a nap. It is a new year and a fresh start to what could be the best twelve months of your life. So pick a resolution here or come up with your own. But most importantly, have a very happy new year. May 2014 bring you everything you could want and more.