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My very first day in Italy.
by Student, Roslyn D. , Florence, Italy


After a long day of jet lag and airport travels I successfully had a great first day in Florence, from eating a delicious mushroom pizza in a local restaurant near our hotel, to walking and visiting Milano Duomo, I already feel immersed in Italian culture and ready to conquer anything!


The students are very lively and friendly despite everyone’s growing tiredness and I’m excited to strengthen these already vibrant friendships. My roomate is kind, easy to relate too and very easy to talk too, from the minute I saw her at the airport we clicked and I’m so thankful for that!

IMG_3808 IMG_3801

Some really good meals/ foods/ beverages I had today were; mushroom pizza, vanilla gelato and espresso. I think my favorite part was challenging myself to order in Italian despite my lack of knowledge with the language, it’s interactions like these that’ll strengthen my Italian, which I look forward too. Since I’ve gotten here I’ve tried to make myself socially aware of some societal differences so that I can adhere to them so I don’t stand out. Some things I’ve noticed so far that juxtapose the things I see/do in America: no milk in coffee at night time, a lot less homeless people, lots of pick pocketing, streets aren’t as bustling, people smile more!


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