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Monaco, Eze, Antibes…

1002107_10151724638503637_181034829_nBonjour! This past weekend has been crazy!

On Saturday, we all headed over to Monaco for the first half of the day. After departing our bus, most of the group went to the Monaco aquarium. However, I went with some friends to explore the gorgeous town. We went go-carting in the “Mini Grand Prix”, which was a blast despite our constant crashes. Afterward, we reconvened with the rest of the group at the top of the mountain and grabbed some lunch. My friends and I ate a delicious breakfast-style pizza at an elegant little restaurant. The rest of the group checked out the palace after lunch, while my friends and I continued to explore the town.

For the second half of the day, we went to Eze. First, however, we visited Parfumerie Fragonard, a beautiful perfume factory and shop. We sampled different scents and then went to the shop to purchase some of the items whose creation we had just learned about. After leaving Fragonard, we traveled a very short distance to Eze, a provincial, mountaintop town whose beauty is truly awe-inspiring. My friends and I went to Chateau de la Chevre d’Or, an impeccable private hotel, and had a small lunch poolside. The hotel sits at the edge of a cliff, overlooking the turquoise water and its majestic yachts. When we headed back to Nice late in the afternoon, we ate dinner at our residence and then went to St-Laurent-du-Var for a concert… one of the best nights yet!


On Sunday, we traveled to Antibes. We visited Musée Picasso and discussed the artist’s unique, groundbreaking techniques. We then shopped at the market, which was abundant with fresh food, spices, clothing, bags, and jewelry. I bought two incredible necklaces. We split up for lunch and met again post-lunch to go paddle-boarding and boating. Of course, I couldn’t resist additional shopping before the boat ride; I bought a bracelet, silk shorts, and silk harem pants. At dusk, we gathered for dinner at a delectable British restaurant and then continued to explore Antibes on our own. By the time we got back to Nice, we were all quite fatigued and quickly retired to our rooms to sleep.

This weekend in Monaco, Eze, St-Laurent, Antibes, and Nice is home to some of the best and most adventurous memories I have made. I eagerly anticipate what’s to come over the next month!


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