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Mi Tiempo en Barcelona

Two weeks down, and only two weeks to go. Time is moving too quickly. I love Barcelona and the friends I’ve made on this trip, and although we’ve done so much and seen so many wonderful sights, there is so much more I want to do. Here are a few highlights from this week.

On Thursday night we hiked up to a park designed by Antoni Gaudi. I took a lot of pictures, so it was hard to choose just one. I ultimately chose a cool structure Gaudi designed that resembled a dragon. I love his work.

On Friday, we took a trip to Girona. In Girona, we got to explore the old town. Girona is one of the main Catalan cities. In the old town, there was a fortification that was built to protect the city from invaders. It was huge and resembled the Great Wall of China. Here’s a picture of my friend Ben making the journey across.Carly3

On Friday night, we went to see a light show in the middle of the most popular square in Barcelona. The fountain would change colors and burst to the beat of classical music. It was a spectacular sight and a perfect ending to a perfect week.

Did I mention the shopping?  That’s where I’m off to next. Hasta que nos reunamos de nuevo. Carly

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