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Mesmerized in Rome

Today was another exciting day; we were completely exhausted by the end but felt like we had learned a lot and widened our knowledge of Rome’s various delights.

In the morning we walked to the Colosseum, and on the way, we passed over the Roman Forum, which was very exciting; later we would go to see it in more depth. When we arrived at the Colesseum, I was mesmerized by the size and stature of it. As we explored the enormous structure, it was easy to imagine the gladiator fights that would happen there centuries ago.

We made our way in the blazing heat to the Roman forum, and it was incredible to see how Romans would live their daily lives and how they had built a civilization without the aid of modern technology. Next, we went to a museum where there were many realistic sculptures, and you could almost imagine them coming to life. Some of the artists had completed their masterpieces by the tender age of 20, which is astounding.

For dinner, we went to the Jewish corner, where we ate kosher food, which was delicious and I will definitely be having again in the future!

Ciao! -Sienna