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Merci, France

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Merci, France

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I have finally enjoyed the pleasure of going to French beaches – and they are even better than I thought! The water is perfectly cool and clear; the big rocks on the shore double as a hot rock massage as you lie out in the sun- c’est parfait! I could spend hours and hours floating in that water, and hopefully I will throughout the course of this month.

And ohhh, the food! Earlier this week we got to visit the farmer’s market in Nice and the produce looked incredible. Tonight we got to make dinner; we had bruschetta, salad, chicken, ratatouille, rice, chocolate cake, and tarte tatin. I am still currently in a food coma.

I have been eating the most incredible foods with my homestay family, too. They grow all of their vegetables in their garden, so each bite of salad tastes so fresh and delicious. And of course, the desserts are equally as decadent and mouthwatering. La glace, le gâteau… Tous les desserts sont delicieux!

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