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by Student, Ise S. , NYC

Today we took a bus to visit a few towns for the weekend. The first we went to was known for its towers that the wealthy families would stay in when attacks happened during the Medieval times. We climbed to the top of one and the view of the Tuscan countryside was spectacular.

Then we were treated to a great lunch of the boar and cheese known in the area and one of the best gelato places in Tuscany which won the award for the best gelato in the world numerous times. After that, we went to Sienna for the afternoon where we visited a church, and although I have been to so many already each one is magnificent in its own way, and it is hard to get tired of them. This church specifically had a legend that during the 13th century there was a female pope, and the church had the busts of popes along the ceiling, our leader Lindsey, her friend, another kid on the trip and I all searched for the woman’s head. I think we succeeded. We weren’t but sure we saw one with an extremely feminine face that had a flower above it which none of the other popes did.

After our <a href=””>excursion</a>, a few of us stayed in for dinner and cooked a spicy pasta sauce and made amazing fresh pesto, cheese, and salami sandwiches for dinner and hung out until it was time for bed.

Sunday, although tired from our trip from the previous day, we all traveled to Lucca, a cute little town known for the wall that surrounds the city. We went by train and played word games the whole way there and back. In the town, we split up for lunch and then met back up for some to climb a tower with a garden on top and some to visit a church. I visited the church, in which the organ was being played and was very empty. It was really wonderful how quiet and the sound of the organ made the experience so touching. While this church wasn’t as done up as some of the others we had visited it was one of my favorites because of the organ. After this, we went and got grenades, an Italian slushy and traveled back home where we crashed from our packed weekend.

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