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Looking Forward to My Stay Chez les Mulet

After two less-than comfortable flights in ‘Economy’ seating, I made my way to Saint-Laurent-du-Var in the beautiful region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

I was the first student to arrive at the airport in Nice and was kindly greeted by one of our professeurs (teachers), Hélène, and the founder of Abbey Road Programs, Dr. Arthur Kian. As we waited for the rest of the students to arrive, my French was immediately put to use in talking with both Hélène and Dr. Kian about my flights and my décalage horaire (jetlag) – it was super bien!

From the airport, my two roommates and I were dropped off chez les Mulet (the Mulets’ home). Madame Mulet immediately served us a big lunch of croque monsieurs and salad, as we talked about several different topics ranging from dogs to Mexican cuisine. Eventually we took a nap and reconvened for a good two and half hour dinner with both Monsieur and Madame Mulet.

The following day, we were placed into two different levels of French courses. We then went on a guided tour of St-Laurent-du-Var and met with the mayor and members of the city council.

I cannot wait for the rest of the week and the rest of this month!photo


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