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Life in Cádiz is Quite Laid Back
by Student, Brendan O. , Cadiz, Spain


I arrived in Cádiz Sunday (7/3/16).  The weather is warm and dry, similar to the Southwestern United States.  My host family, los Campuzanos, is very nice.   Life in Cádiz is quite laid back, especially in the afternoon when most ciudadanos are having a siesta, or period of rest during the heat of the day. During this time, most shops close down and the streets are less crowded.  Once the siesta comes to an end, however, the streets teem with life.  This activity extends far into the night: Spaniards generally go to bed much later than Americans.

In class, we have primarily been discussing how other ethnic groups, such as the Moors, have influenced Spain’s unique culture.  These influences are especially apparent in the architecture of Cádiz.

-Brenadan O. IMGP4673


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