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Lessons learned while taking a Flamenco class!
by Student, Caroline J. , North Carolina

Friday, July 10, 2015

The thing that I love most about being here is that I am exposed to completely new experiences. If I had not chosen to come on this trip, I would never be able to say that I took flamenco lessons or that I have tried legitimate Spanish food. My mother and I were talking on the phone (Hi Mom!) and she told me something that resonated which was that all that matters after this trip is that I come home with this experience and that I have gone out of my comfort zone to try something that many people do not get the opportunity to or have the resources to do. It doesn’t matter that I can use this to write a killer college essay or that I may or may not come back with improved Spanish skills, although that would be fantastic, what really matters is that I am experiencing the world and taking one step farther outside of my little bubble in North Carolina.

Dancing is not my forte, nor will it ever be. But being able to say that I spent a few hours being taught the basics of Flamenco, the heart and soul of the Spanish arts, is something that I will cherish forever. Although it was only for a few hours, we were taught a very basic dance by a professional flamenco dancer. Her grace and poise when executing the moves were unmatched when compared to all of us stumbling around the studio and had years of professional experience behind them.

Although dancing lessons seems like a very little thing to have experienced in Spain, I think that many of us failed to realize at the moment how unique of an opportunity those two hours really were, myself included. As teenagers, we only look at what our initial thoughts and feelings when experiencing something new rather than appreciating the fact that the experience in NEW. Until my very last day, I hope that I can remember that and finish the second half of this trip focusing not on the two hours of repeating the same 8 moves until we find perfection, but on the fact that we had the chance to take dancing lessons from a professional and experience one of the things that Spain is most famous for.

Ok, so we’re going to switch to the completely opposite end of the spectrum and talk about the things that we’ve done in the past few days that involve a little bit of the red, white and blue bleeding onto the yellow and red. Firstly, we had the very interesting experience of seeing the movie Minions, which is originally in English, in a theater in the middle of Cadiz. With popcorn in our laps and 3D glasses on our heads, we happily spent the night getting a little taste of home.

Friday night we had the unique pleasure of walking to Playa Victoria (New Cadiz) and spending a few hours having a blast at a concert on the beach. Side note: When I say on the beach, I mean the stage was set up in the sand not even 200 feet from the ocean. We walked up as hundreds, dare I say thousands, of people, gathered together to watch the sun go down and the volume of the music turns up. Much to our surprise, we understood the words coming out of the speakers that were as tall as our apartment building. Yes, that’s right, the entire night popular music from the U.S. of A was played and enjoyed by what seemed like pretty much every teenager in Cadiz, old and new. What a way to end the week.

Looking at the schedule, this weekend is going to be an exciting one so tune back in soon for an update on our cool Saturday, Sunday and Monday adventures!


3 Responses to “Lessons learned while taking a Flamenco class!”

  1. Ellen Spindel


    Thank you for your descriptive words, even though I am in Boston with our College Prep program, I feel like I am on the beach in Cadiz looking at the sunset with all the Cadiz students and staff. Can’t wait to read more.

    Muchas gracias,

  2. Wimberly Jessup

    Hi Car…another great blog…keep ’em comin!! Glad you are taking advantage of all Cadiz has to offer and letting us share it with you! You are not missing anything in little ol’ Greensboro!! Much love to you –

  3. craig probst


    I can help you refine your Flamenco moves when you return home!!! (bet you had no idea…..)

    Nancy and I enjoying your blog. Best to you , enjoy your trip.


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