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Leaving Already?!

Having just arrived in Rome on Sunday, I’m ready to settle down for a couple of weeks here. Yet, after dinner, the staff reminded us to pack up all our stuff tomorrow. I really wish I could be staying here longer! It’s been such an incredible, exciting, and adventurous month, which I’m exhausted from (so it will be nice to go home and relax), but I’ve loved every single minute of it too, and I’m not ready for it to end!

Monday was our first full day in Rome, and we took a morning walk to Vatican City (yup, so now I’ve officially been to two European countries, Italia and Vatican City) to see the Sistine Chapel. Unfortunately, though, I don’t have any pictures of the beautiful frescoes that Michelangelo painted on the walls, because we weren’t allowed to take photographs. It really is marvelous what an amazing artist he was, and how he rose from being an outstanding painter to a successful architect and the sculptor of the most famous sculpture in the world! Wow! So talented!

Afterward, we spent an hour admiring Saint Paul’s Basilica. It is truly breathtaking how people without modern technology could build a church grander than anything that is built in this day and age! Our first day in Rome was topped off with the best appetizers I’ve had in my life: Italian bread with honey brie and pears on it. My mouth is still watering over it! So Delicious!


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