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Leadership Academy Begins

Hey, this is John. Monday was the first day of the Abbey Road Leadership Academy at Stanford University, in Palo Alto, California. There are only three guys here at the program, so we became friends by the end of the first day.

On Tuesday, we had an international relations class taught by Lonjezo Hasami, a Ph.D student. He was extremely enthusiastic and interesting. After class, we got to explore Palo Alto, but we guys practically wandered around aimlessly.

The next day, we had classes on international relations with Lonjezo and nuclear security with Benoit, a professor at the University of Bristol. After class, we went to a Giants game. It was fun, even though the Giants lost 8 to 1. The only downside so far is that the dorms are small, but I can live with that. So far, so good! Here are some pictures:

Abbey Road at AT&T Park.
The Oakland-Bay Bridge from AT&T Park.
People swimming in the fountain by our dorms, Wilbur Hall.


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