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Last Weekend in Aix!!!

As the week came to its halfway point, reality set in; we are leaving soon! Four people are going to Paris, and most others are going on other exotic vacations or visiting family in Europe. The big worry on everyone’s mind is how they are going to fit everything they bought in their suitcases!

In French class on Wednesday, we went to a concentration camp that used to be a factory. It was very powerful to actually see where people were held during the Second World War. It was such an intellectual and impactful experience. We had our last elective class that afternoon, and in art, we set up our paintings from the whole month for a “vernissage”. That night, we had our iron chef competition. We made shallots and grapefruit as an appetizer, mashed potatoes and zucchini stuffed with meat, mushrooms, and onions all covered in cheese for dinner, and chocolate-covered fruit for dessert. Although my group didn’t win, it was so much fun and so delicious!


Thursday we learned about French slang in class, which was really helpful and interesting. After, we went to Paul Cezanne’s art studio where he created some of his most famous paintings. We had a stipend dinner that night, so it was really nice to have some free time and a great meal with friends.

Friday we had our last French class. How time flies! The rest of the day, we had free time and prepped for the talent show. We had a buffet style dinner together and laughed at the creative things people made up. Everyone is so excited for the last weekend together because there are some amazing things planned. However, everyone is sad to have this program come to a close.