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Last Weekend in Aix-en-Provence!

Our last weekend in Aix has definitely been one to remember.

We’ve all pretty much agreed that Saturday was the best day we’ve spent here the entire vacation. This was the day that we took a bus to Cassis and spent the day boating, eating, and tanning on the beautiful beaches of this area. We napped on the beach and swam out to the buoys. The weather was absolutely perfect. We then walked around the adorable little town of Cassis and had a dinner of quiche and salad at a restaurant. That night, we got to see a silent film outside in the park with live orchestral accompaniment.

Sunday was very fun as well. Since we didn’t have to meet at the cafeteria until 1:00, we were free to find our own breakfast. Some friends and I had an amazing breakfast of crepes and tea at a little cafe near the residence. We then had the responsibility to find our own food for the picnic. We ended up making sandwiches out of baguettes, ham, cheese, and lettuce. The picnic itself was extremely peaceful. We even met some local friends who were singing and playing the guitar. After this, we went to a pool and just laid out and swam. The laid-back activities were very nice after such an action-packed week of class.

Tonight we all had dinner together at the same restaurant we ate at the second night in Aix. It brought back memories of a time when we didn’t know each other nearly as well as we do now. It’s sad that this amazing trip must come to an end so soon, but it is definitely safe to say that I couldn’t have asked for any better way to spend my summer.


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