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Last Days in Rome
by Student, Alexandra S. , Kansas

Yesterday was our last day in Rome, and one of our most interesting yet. We departed early in the morning for Vatican City, where we explored the accompanying museum. Many exhibits were closed, but the ones that were open were stunning. We toured rooms containing authentic ancient tapestries, woven with vibrant blues and reds. We also were able to see some of the more contemporary art in the museum, which I personally enjoyed. Monica explained the history and settings of many pieces as we walked around and examined them. Additionally, we toured the Sistine Chapel. Although it was very crowded, it was impossible to miss the extraordinary architecture. The same goes for St. Peter’s Basilica, which was the largest church that I have ever seen. Visiting Vatican City was the perfect end to our time in Rome!

Today, we took a bus to Florence, our 3rd city. Our living situation is much different here: we have large apartment-style rooms, even including a kitchen and a loft. After settling into our rooms, we walked to the Academia, the museum that houses Michelangelo’s David. Justina explained the statue’s contrapasso stance, as well as the David and Goliath story that accompanies it. After the Academia, it suddenly started pouring! We had to run to shelter. Luckily, we were very close to an amazing indoor market area. There were tons of restaurant stalls lined up in a beautifully decorated space. It all looked so very Italian! I ate pasta that was cooked right in front of me and then had the best milk chocolate ice cream ever. It was a whirlwind first day in Florence!

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