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Last Blog: St. Laurent-du-Var
by Student, Kathryn K.

by Kathryn K. It’s hard to believe that tomorrow I’ll be on a plane flying home. It feels like I have both known these people forever and yet it was just yesterday that we first met and had dinner. We’ve made so many memories in this last week and I feel like the fun is only about to start–if we had more time of course. To start off, we’ve spent a lot of time in Nice, enough to now be confident in walking around the old town without getting lost. We know our favorite shops, the best place to get macaroons and where the ATMs are located. Last week we spent a lot of time preparing for the spectacle, which is essentially a talent show. On Thursday we performed for our homestay parents and Friday night we had a joint party with the Nice group. There are some really talented people in the group! My personal favorite was a routine by the guys and a couple of girls from our group which included dancing, singing and on one night, speedos–don’t ask. My friend Stephanie and I danced while my friend Emmy sang a great rendition of Abba’s “Supertrooper”. Friday we also went to Nice and had the option of going to the Chagall museum, which I’m very glad I did. Kathryn K. spectacleKathryn K. Musee Chagall Saturday was the long awaited trip to Sanremo, Italy. We had to get up early and take the train, arriving in time to see the local market in full swing. Everything was so much cheaper there! We had the whole day for free time and my friends and I spent a lot of the time at the cafes or in shops. We had dinner as a group at an Italian restraunt, and by the time we left, I had consumed 4 cones of gelato. It was strange to have people talk to us in a language that I understand nothing of, while I’m used to understanding at least some words. Sunday was optional, and my 16th birthday! We got to sleep in and then went to the town of Menton for a beach day. The water was so beautiful and the day was perfect! I got cakes on the beach and we all had a lot of fun on what promised to be one of our last beach days. Monday we had our last course and elective, which was bittersweet because I really liked my art class. It really drove in the harsh reality of us leaving in a few days. Tuesday began with a final assesment and a scavenger hunt in St. Laurent, and ended with a night out in Nice. We got tons of free time to enjoy our last day in the city, and we sure did! We met to celebrate some more birthdays and ended up eating pizza on the beach with the Nice group. It was so gorgeous and I’m really going to miss Nice. Kathryn K. birthday in MentonKathryn K. last night in Nice

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