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La vieille ville
by Student, Sydney A. , Georgia

So far we have been to the beach twice. “La vieille ville” of Nice and St. Laurent, and many other fascinating and beautiful places. The past three days have been very busy! On Monday we visited “la vieille ville” of St. Laurent. We walked around the narrow streets and saw many moments such as “l’eglise” the church, which was built in the 1500’s. Later that day we went to the local beach, cooled off, and bought our french phones. We were allowed free time to go swimming, lay on the beach, and walk around the mall which was only a two minute walk from where we were on the beach. Then we went back to our home stays, had dinner, and prepared for the next day. 

“la vieille ville”

On Tuesday we took our placement tests in the morning. We all thought the test would be very long, however, it consisted of a short one page writing test (maybe more like a quiz) and then a five to ten minute oral test one on one with of of the professors. While we waited for everyone to be finished with the oral test we played multiple games and just relaxed. After the tests we visited Beaulieu and also went to the beach, relaxed, and swam some more.

The view from a hilltop overlooking the marina in Beaulieu

Today we had our first classes. We were broken up into three groups and off we went. For about an hour we were walking around the town with assignments to get information about St. Laurent in general. Later when we returned to the classroom for the last two thirds of the class we presented the information we found. After class we had lunch and then we split up into our electives. The elective options were cinema, photography, and conversation. After our electives we celebrated one of the student’s birthdays because he was turning 17 today. Later we returned to our home stays, showered and got ready to have a night out on the boardwalk with the rest of the group.

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