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La Semana Final

On Sunday, we had morning classes and visited a refuge site that was used during the Spanish Civil war. It was cool and dark, and it felt like being in a cave. After morning classes, instead of electives, everyone went to Piknic Electronik as a group. There were tons of great artists there. I bought a lot of new jewelry and some old vintage shirts. Everyone had a lot of fun dancing to the music and just relaxing during our picnic.

On Monday, we had morning classes. After classes, we finally got to visit La Sagrada Familia. Gaudí’s famous unfinished church was on my list of must-sees for Barcelona! It was nothing like I expected it be, but I loved it! It was really calm and simple, with amazing stained glass windows and columns that branched off to look like trees. Afterward I visited my favorite store, Brandy Melville, with my roommate, Mary. Later we had a group dinner at a great Italian place.

I hope to have a great last few days to blog about soon! -Mary

Abbey Road Summer Program in Barcelona