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La palabra “ultima”
by Student, Caroline J. , North Carolina

Last blog post. Last Monday. Last full day. Last everything. I can’t even believe the time has come to say goodbye to this beautiful city and the amazing friends I have made over the past three weeks. Tomorrow morning I will get on a train to Siguenza and bid Cadiz adieu as I go on to new adventures. As sad as it was to say goodbye, I could not have had a better past few days.

Saturday, we got to explore, as a group, the city of Jerez, which I found to be the spitting image of New Cadiz. We were given a few hours to explore and enjoy our lunches in the town before meeting up again to look at the famous Cathedral in Jerez and head to the zoo for a little blast from the past. As we ran around like little children, running around to each enclosure, we realized that the animals were as hot as we were. So good news, we were being sissies when we were complaining of the heat here!

One of my favorite things is absolutely nothing. With pretty much the entire day free to do whatever we wanted, Sunday was one of my favorite days by far. It not only allowed me to take a break from the crazy, but still very fun, activities that the week brings, but it also helped me to sit back and enjoy my last few days in Cadiz on my own terms. A breakfast of churros, a trip to the beach and the last minute visit to the Medieval Festival, I had so much fun finishing up my last weekend.

Monday brought sadness with it and a long list of lasts that made the day even more depressing. Last class, which consisted of studying Spanish artists and their music, one last elective, which gave me the opportunity to finally explore the Cathedral aka a must do in Cadiz, and one last supper. For our farewell meal, we all sat down for a group dinner at Balandro’s, which is the most recommended place in Cadiz, by myself included. With an 8 course meal, we all almost had to roll each other out of the restaurant, but it was one of the best that I’ve had in a while. Among the dishes brought out, we had a pizza with cream cheese and chicken, a fish pate on toasted bread, some sort of steak that I was truly afraid to ask the origin of, and a fried shrimp and asparagus patty.

Thank you to the Abbey Road staff for making this experience amazing and unforgettable. I will forever treasure these past three weeks and highly recommend it for those who ask about it for the future. 7:30 taxi appointment tomorrow morning; wishing my friends staying in Cadiz for one more week the best time and the ones leaving on Wednesday a virtual hug goodbye.

Remember, it’s not a goodbye, it’s a see ya later!

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