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I’m Here, Madrid!


We have finally arrived in the beautiful city of Madrid! After two delays, each an hour or more long, we left JFK Airport and landed in Madrid. Were the delays worth it? Yes – they were definitely worth the wait!

When I first arrived, Madrid reminded me of New York City, only everything is in Spanish, of course. However after being here for a couple of hours, it didn’t seem at all like NYC. The people of Madrid seem happy and relaxed.

It is a really beautiful city with pretty parks all around and incredible architecture. There are a couple of pictures included of Retiro Park, where we spent some time after we landed. There’s also a lake and boats you can ride. We had a great time at the park in spite of the heat.

When we arrived at our hotel, I fell in love with the contemporary design and the unique movie theme in each room. My shower says, “Guest Stars Only”. The hotel also cares about conserving energy. In order to turn on the lights and the air conditioning, you have to insert your room key. It took me awhile to get used to, but I think it’s a great idea.

When we went to lunch, I did not find chips and salsa. I used to believe that Spanish food and Mexican food were one and the same, and even though I love chips and salsa, I discovered that I also love gazpacho. I can’t wait to try more new foods.

I’m definitely tired but happy and excited to see more of Madrid and experience the culture.


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