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Hot, Sunny, and Nice

by Emilie S. A brief play on words, but I couldn’t resist the old saying that “Nice is nice”, because it is. Starting the day with a pain de chocolat and ending with a stroll on the promenade d’anglais creates a perfect transition to life in the south of France. promenade d'anglais The biggest thing that I have noticed since arriving in Nice, France, is that no one seems to rush here. Yes, the French walk fast, but everything from dinner, to shopping, to entertainment is at a casual, lovely pace. Our first night our group went to a restaurant called Gaglio, and ate dinner over 3 hours while watching the World Cup match of France vs Germany. We had apértifs (starters), a main meal of gnocchi, and a lovely desert of ice cream – I had an amazing bitter caramel. Gnocchi I have also noticed that shopping is not rushed either. Most shopping is done by going to individual stores, such as a boulangerie or boucherie; although supermarkets are quickly becoming very popular. For our student purposes, we went to Carrefour (French walmart) to buy breakfast foods. Nice Breakfast The last thing so far that has been a highlight to me is the chill attitude of the beach. It’s beautiful, it’s blue, and it’s perfectly acceptable to lounge on the rocky shore for 5 hours straight. I was only able to stay for an hour so far, but will definitely go back to soak up more sun. la plage