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Hello Gyros!

Trying a gyro for the first time is a little similar to stepping into a new, foreign city. The sudden burst of flavor from the sauce and crunchy pita bread takes you by shock, as your head tries to figure out what flavors you’re already used to. Some of the ingredients are recognizable, like the crunchy, welcoming tomato, while others can take you by surprise! Until you’re finished with the classic Greek wrap, every new bite is an exploration into a new culture, a new dynamic, and a new lifestyle.

When entering the marvelous city of Athens, I will admit the size of the cars and streets disorientated me a bit. Everything here is so much more compact and homely, with every marketplace and ruin site teeming with energy from the rushing pedestrians. The views of the city from the ground, however, are a stark contrast to a view from the rooftops. What was once a twisted labyrinth of streets and yogurt stands becomes a sprawling metropolis extending from majestic mountains to the sea. The scale of Athens made it feel like a city truly built by the gods, with the Acropolis observing over from the city center of Plaka. It was overwhelming to say the least… A taste I was never used to before.

We scaled the mighty Acropolis to one of the ancient wonders of the world, the Parthenon. We traversed the crowds of the streets of Kapnikareas and flea markets, slinging γεια σας (yasass, or hello) to the locals at every turn, then gazed upon the ancient artifacts and artwork of the ancient Byzantine Empire. Greece, so far, has not failed to impress, and I can’t wait to see what else lies within the walls of this aged city.