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Gucci For Two

Tuesdays mean one of two things:

  1. Have an extremely leisurely day and enjoy the wonders of Florence (after your main class, of course)
  2. Go on one of the activities that Abbey Road offers

I am in love with my fashion class! We are starting to create our own line of clothing for our final project. I am still unsure what my inspiration or muse will be, but I cant wait to find out! Tomorrow, I am going to the Salvador Farragamo museum to see an exhibition about fairy tales and enchantment. I hope I will be inspired by something there. I am so excited to go!

Today, I was lucky enough to visit the Gucci museum as an afternoon activity that was offered. Along with my peers, I saw the history of Gucci, starting with luggage and accessories and ending with the infamous shoes (not excluding the Gucci-styled Cadillac, of course). After the tour of the museum, a friend and I sat outside the Gucci café and enjoyed a Gucci cappuccino and an overpriced salad. The weather was perfect, and we really enjoyed just sitting outside watching the people of Florence and observing the culture.

Lunch was followed by window shopping down Via San Gallo until we got back to our apartment to shower and get ready for dinner. For dinner, a couple of us went to a Greek restaurant; the food was delicious, and a new type of food was much needed after having Italian food for two weeks. As expected, I jumped right back into the Italian food pool after dinner when we went to get gelato from my favorite place, Di Neri Gelateria.

I cannot wait to start my day tomorrow and go the museum with my class!