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Graffiti Art

To close off an amazing experience of art in Florence, both my art classes were given the opportunity to let loose and use our creative sides to make graffiti art. We were taken to a magnificent underground tunnel filled with intricate graffiti designs that clearly took a lot of skill. Each piece had a clear message that it was trying to portray. Being able to see a whole new type of art, which has no rules, was amazing!

After leaving the tunnel, we each got a piece of cardboard to cover with any image we wanted. Having never done any type of art with spray paint, this experience was great. It was cool to see how one bottle could make so many different textures and lines depending on how you use it. When each of us finished our own unique design, we taped them all together to make one large piece. Although each piece had its own individuality, when combined it still looked cohesive and beautiful. The graffiti activity was the perfect way to end classes, because it allowed us to express our creative side and make one large piece as a group.

Leaving Florence on Sunday will be really hard, because we have learned and seen so much here. I don’t want to think about waking up and no longer being able to draw one of the statues in the square. Florence has been a canvas to each of us artists, and we have all found our favorite type of art in this city. Each day, we were introduced to a new type of art, whether it was traditional statues in museums or using our creative side in graffiti.