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Gorges du Verdon: Cliff Diving and Waterfalls

Today, we visited Gorges du Verdon, which is one of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen so far. The mountains are tall and picturesque, and the water is incredibly turquoise.

After a three-hour trip, we all eagerly jumped out of the charter bus and sat down next to the water to eat our homemade sandwiches for lunch. Then, many went kayaking, while three friends and I went paddle boating (a large boat-raft requiring only two people to peddle, like a bicycle). We cruised through outstandingly gorgeous caves, cliffs, and mountains.

One of my friends and I even went cliff diving!!! It was exhilarating, especially considering my fear of heights. From the moment my toes leaped from the edge of the cliff, my body began to soar downward (I almost felt weightless) and I was sure that I would probably die. After what seemed like minutes, I felt myself plunge into the cool, clear water, and I was immediately thrilled that I decided to go for it. I would’ve dived a few more times, but climbing up the cliff in my bikini was a little bit of a struggle to begin with.

We paddle boated for another hour and swam beneath a refreshing waterfall! We then paddle boated back to shore and got back on the bus. We stopped at a small and very charming nearby village for thirty minutes of free time… My friends and I enjoyed some cheesecake and croissants while seated next to another waterfall! We then boarded the bus and headed home for some Chinese takeout at the residence. En route to Cannes tomorrow!


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