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Goodbye to Aix

Aix is over! It is with beautiful images, memories, and new friendship that our students went back home. Our last moments together were again a blast. We had a talent show where everyone made a dance, a song or a play and we had great fun. [ 3 first photos] Our trip to the fishing village to cassis was amaizing ! After a visit of the Calanques, famous cliffs of the south of France, with its beautiful vegetation and turqouise water we spent the afternoon at the beach, with waves that a mediteraneen rarely sees. [ 6 next pictures] The last day was chilled out in the park playing games and reading, listening to music before going to the swimming pool and start packing. For the farewell dinner it was a surpise but the restaurant made a full american menu, with ceasar salad, bacon burgers, and brownie! [ 2 last pics] -Nina Lopez

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