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Goodbye, Rome!

Unfortunately, last night was my last in Italy with this unbelievable group of people…

Today we went to a beautiful museum that houses many of Bernini’s sculptures, which are utterly breathtaking! The attention to detail that was paid by Bernini at the age of only 23 is just crazy! Each muscle was perfectly sculpted down to the vein, in proportion to the body movement of the character. My favorite thing about Bernini is his trademark indentations; in two of the sculptures – one that portrays a woman lying on a mattress and one in which a woman is being grabbed – Bernini added indentations on the mattress exactly where the women’s curves hit it, making it seem like you could reach out and squeeze the marble. Bernini’s work is so magnificent, I think, because he gently and elegantly crosses the barrier between art and reality.

After visiting the museum, we all had a relaxing picnic in the park. After the picnic, we visited the Spanish steps, and my friends and I did our last-minute shopping down Via Del Corso at our favorite Italian stores. Finally we came back to the hotel to have the last dinner together in a restaurant right next to our hotel. After dinner, we went to Tresteverie, which is one of my favorite areas in Rome. It’s a very cute area with boutique stores and amazing restaurants. During the summer, vendors also open up tents and sell very cute jewelry and accessories right along the river.

I cannot believe that my experience in Italy has come to an end! This has been an amazing experience I will never forget.


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