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Goodbye, Barcelona!

On Wednesday, we had group salsa class in the morning. Afterward, we went to an amazing amusement park designed by Gaudí. The view from the amusement park was incredible and the views from the top of the rides were even better!

On Thursday, we went with our Spanish teachers to the beach and played some beach volleyball for our final class. We played best out of three and spent the rest of the time enjoying the Barcelona beach. We had our final elective class and explored new areas of Barcelona while talking to the natives about their neighborhoods. We stayed in for the night, and Arthur, the head of Abbey Road, made us some amazing pasta sauces to try for dinner.

Today, on our second-to-last day, we had a free day. Most of the group headed to the beach and played some more volleyball. Afterward, we went to do some final shopping in the Cataluña neighborhood. I can’t believe this is my last blog. The group has become so close I can’t imagine not being with them in two days. I’m not ready to go home. I’m going to miss Spain more than I could’ve imagined!


Abbey Road Summer Program in Barcelona