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Good Things Come in Threes!

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The past three days have been amazing (as you can probably guess from my overly exuberant title).

We went to St-Tropez with the ‘Nice Kids’. It was incredible – definitely somewhere I would want to return to in the future. It wasn’t so much the scenery, but the ambiance; even though it was super touristy, there was still a level of chicness we Americans couldn’t touch with all our loudmouthed gaucheness. We even saw a celebrity (Samantha from Sex & the City) – that’s how cool it was!

We shopped for a little bit and then walked around trying to find a decent beach. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in our endeavors, and we didn’t have enough time to REALLY try. That was the one bad thing about my day — the lack of time.

On Thursday, we went parasailing and ‘fly–fishing’ (which is really tubing), and it was one of the most exhilarating feelings in my life! I’m deathly afraid of heights, so you can imagine what a quivering mess I was up there. Amy made me promise not to scream, as we were riding in a double, and I can proudly say I kept my promise. Amy was actually instrumental in my not falling apart like a house made of toothpicks; she talked to me and kept my mind off the fact that I was more than 50 feet in the air.

I went tubing on a HUGE tube with Brendan, Linus, Aleaya, Lee, and ‘Little Matt’ (he hates that nickname). Brendan and I managed to stay on the entire time, despite the driver trying repeatedly to knock us all off. I can attribute my glue-like hold to my comfortable place in the middle. As for Brendan’s prowess, it must have just been natural athleticism.

Thursday night was the night we had all been waiting for— the electric concert at Nice. We arrived around 8:45, which was early. There weren’t that many people around, other than an elderly lady dancing by herself in front of the DJ booth and a few other people having drinks and smoking. I was disappointed— was this what I had spent the whole week looking forward to? But it started picking up as the night crept on. By about 10:30 it was so live there was a line of people outside struggling to get in. Olivia, Amy, Mary, Corinne and I were having a blast! We even got our picture taken by some random photographer, so maybe we’ll be famous. I phoned my host-mom, Laeticia, to see if she could come get us a little later (that’s how much fun we were having), but unfortunately we couldn’t get permission from the coordinators. I was disappointed that we had to leave at 11, but grateful that we had at least gotten to spend some time there.

All in all, they were an exciting three days!


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