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Fun in the Sun and an Unexpected Case of the Flu…

After an exciting weekend in Cannes and Beaulieu Sur Mer, we resumed class Monday morning. We learned mostly about clothing vocabulary and went shopping as part of our class in order to put our new vocab to use! This set of vocab will definitely be the one I remember clearest, considering my affinity for fashion.

Following morning class on Tuesday, we all ventured to the stunning beach of St. Jean Cap Ferrat! Some of us worked on our tans, while others jumped in the vibrant, iridescent water for kayaking and paddle-boarding. After a relaxing day at the beach, we all helped cook a delicious dinner at a small waterfront hotel’s kitchen, which the program had rented out for us to cook and dine in for the evening. We made quiche, pies, pork, chicken, and ratatouille.

On Wednesday, I unfortunately woke up with the flu and was bed-ridden all day. On Thursday, I was still ill (or ‘malade,’ as the French say) so I was in bed again. However, the others participated in a cupcake workshop and pottery workshop. I was so sad to have missed out, but luckily my friends were sweet enough to bring me cupcakes and roses while I was still resting. Everyone met up with the students in the St-Laurent-du-Var program to play soccer and petanque. I was finally able to pull myself out of bed to go to dinner and to attend our hotel meetings, which consist of three groups of students (cooking, decorating, performing). The purpose of these groups is to prepare for our showcase at the end of the trip! I am in the performing group and am working on three songs to sing.