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Friends and Firenze!
by Student, Lynn M.
Yesterday, we said goodbye to the two weekers…

Their departure was very hard for all of us to grasp. We were all so sad to see them leave. Each one of them marked us in a different way, some of them we can even consider closer to us than some people back home. We built forever lasting friendships throughout these two weeks and created many wonderful memories.

One day we went to a karaoke club together, another we went swimming at a beautiful beach and climbed on rocks, others we just walked around discovering a new city, some days we visited new towns like this one medieval town we went to where we got to see a beautiful view of the scenery … some nights were just us chilling and having deep talks while listening to different genres of music and others were us stuffing our faces with delicious Italian food.

Throughout this week we also got to climb the Duomo to see an amazing view of Florence raining all together, we also visited a town called Lucca where we went on a beautiful bike ride. The next day we went to Tuscany, San Gimignano where we had the best gelato in the world but, also went into two torture museums which scared some of us but gave the others a laugh. No matter what it was we were doing together, even if it was something we would typically be bored in we would have so much fun all together. Every single one of us will cherish all these moments in our hearts.

Today, we started a new chapter, new people came in and we got to know them too. After they got settled in and had their first meeting we went out altogether to a group dinner at a pizzeria where they got to have their first Italian pizza! After that, we took a walk around the famous Duomo. We were singing and dancing in the streets…we then came back to our rooms where we got to know our new roommates. Tomorrow we’re going to be taking our first classes with them and they’re going to visit the market for the first time! I can’t wait for them to have as an amazing of an experience as we’ve all been having these past two weeks and get know the wonderful traditions of Italy as well as this beautiful city.


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