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Parc Phoenix, and French Language at the Modern Art Museum.
by Student, Juliana G. , Nice

Parc Phoenix, and French Language at the Modern Art Museum.



Today we woke up and I had breakfast with the new friend I’d made yesterday… it felt nice to actually get to know someone well on this trip since the majority came to this country by themselves. While we ate we talked about how excited we were to go snorkeling! We went directly to our morning French Language class where we, were told that snorkeling would be rescheduled.  Instead, we would be going to some garden…we were not too happy about that. After we were done with our classes, we left for the botanical garden, called « Parc Phoenix ». Once we arrived, we realized it was not bad at all! We thought there would just be a bunch of different types of flowers, but we soon realized there was a variety of different animals as well as food! Everyone loves animals and food!

Later on, we went back to the residence where we ate dinner and split up into small groups and explored Vielle Nice. We had heard about a Jazz Festival that was going on, but we were not allowed to go in for security reasons. Fortunately, it was an outdoor concert, and everyone in Nice could hear the upbeat modern jazz emanating from the lively festival, Even though we couldn’t go into the concert we still had a wonderful time listening in!


July 21

We started off our day the same as we always do…which is very nice to have some sort of routine when your whole schedule and surroundings have been completely altered. We ended up only having an hour and a half of classes and then left early so we could go to a contemporary/modern art museum, walking distance from our residence. There we were very confused about some of the paintings and what the artists were trying to portray, but luckily the staff members knew their art very well, so they helped us figure it out.


We went through the whole museum and once we reached the top we were able to go outside and see the breath-taking view of where we had been staying for the past few days (for some) and few weeks (for others). Afterward, we rested for a bit.  Later on, A group of us decided that we were still very tired. To fix that we went out for some coffee at a beautiful nearby café.

Another successful day!!


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