The most French city in North America,Québec is a must-see for anyone passionate about French culture

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Cosmopolitan globetrotters, and rugged adventurers alike are lured to the worlds 2nd largest nation year after year by Canada’s magnificent natural landscapes, culturally vibrant cities, and welcoming population. From the old-world charm of Old Quebec City, stunning views of Montmorency Falls, to the hip and modern metropolis of Vancouver and awe-inspiring landscapes of Pacific Rim National Park, Canada’s natural beauty, rich heritage, and influential culture, provide something for everyone in quite an abundance.

When asked, most would immediately associate Canada with ice hockey, Mounties, maple syrup, and a population of “nice” who say “eh” a lot.  While these associations are in some cases accurate to the English speaking population of Canada, when one thinks of French Canada their initial cultural associations or stereotypes align with those of the French, more than they do the rest of Canada.

The Quebecois have preserved France’s cultural influence, pride, traditions and attitudes for approximately 400 years solidifying it’s position as the crossroads between Europe and America. Quebec itself is home to a 95% French speaking population, which statistically means our students are more immersed in the French language they would be in Paris. For those deterred by the headlines or who just wish to experience our French programs, without the jet lag, high priced plane tickets, and lower fees overall, our Canadian programs will put you as close to France as one can get without having to cross the Atlantic.


Quebec , Canada

Immersion linguistique , Séjour Pré-Universitaire , Voyage-Programme Académique

La plus française des ville en Amérique Du Nord, Québec est à découvrir pour toute personne passionnée par la culture française . Cette ville magnifique est située le long des rives du fleuve Saint Laurent, et c’est la capitale de ...

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Quebec City, Canada


option 2 semaines: 25 juin-8 juillet ou 8-22 juillet, option 3 semaines: 25 juin -15 juillet, séjour complet: 25 juin - 22 juillet, Montreal (extension optionnelle) 22 - 25 juillet

Tarif Promotionnel ( 31 Dec )

$3,295$3,145 (2 semaines)
$5,295$4,945 (3 semaines)
$5,995$5,595 (4 semaines)
(+$985 extension optionnelle de voyage à Montréal)


Campus de l'Université Laval




Levis, Cap Tourmente, Cap Rouge, Île d’Orléans, St.-Anne de Beaupré, Wendake

Extension de Voyage

Montréal, 22-25 juillet

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