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Food in Cadiz

by Ariel P-B.

In my previous two articles, I mentioned trying tapas and ice cream. I did not, however, go into as much detail as I would have liked. Spain is known for its food–especially Andalucía. As the city of Cadiz is located in Andalucía, one would expect it to have a wide assortment of good food.
Every single traditional Spanish dish I have tried since coming to Cadiz has been incredible. I have had paella three times so far, paella being a dish made with rice and an assortment of seafood. Another dish I love is tortilla española, a quiche-like pie made up of potatoes, onions and eggs. By far, tortilla is my favorite thing to eat with a sandwich at lunch, or almuerzo.
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The pastries here are very different from those in the United States. As difficult as it is to believe, they are much sweeter here than at home. The churros here are especially sweet because of how much sugar they pour onto each piece and the thick chocolate that accompanies it. Croissants in Cadiz are also very sugary and are more of desserts than in the US.
My favorite food group of all has been tapas. The first time I tried a tapa was with my roommate. We ordered grilled chicken and nothing else. Unfortunately, it turned out mediocre at best. However, last night we had an organized tapas night, where each person in the group received 20 euros to spend on dinner. The first place we saw, we grabbed a table and dove into eating some of the best food I’ve ever had. We were able to try duck and tempura, as well as mussels, shrimp and vegetables. Every single tapa was distinct from the others and brought a unique taste to the meal, leaving our group content but not stuffed.
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