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Bonjour! So far my experience has been great. Between traveling sur la metro, trying new things during dejeuner avec la famille, and enjoying la plage en Nice à côté de St-Laurent, it’s been a thrill! I’ve gotten to see the great city of Monaco and took a tour of the palace. We saw the famous “Grace Kelly” road and had some time to hike up the stairs to Eze village and look around. It had a fantastic view and was quite a walk. We also got to take a tour around the parfumerie and try some awesome samples of some popular scents in France. My favorite was the “Juste un Beur”! Today for our French class, we walked around en ville and ask about ingredients in some special entrees and took another train to Nice for our electives! In our cinema class, we watched “Les Intouchables” (The Untouchables), and it was lovely! My experience has been going great so far, and I’m learning a lot more… Au revoir!Breana

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