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First weekend in Florence – bonding, classes and views

by Sara E. On Sunday we traveled by bus to fiesole, a city in the mountains. We hiked a huge mountain to prepare for our lunch and games. During our picnic, we learned more about each other by playing “two truths, one lie!” Lots of secrets came out there… During night activities, we played pictionary and learned even more about each other’s art weaknesses. Monday, we started our major and minor courses. In Italian we began by staying in the “classroom” to learn certain phrases and then moved outside in order to better understand what we had learned. In art, they began to gather supplies and started drawing blind contours. In photography, they were shown the basics of photographing and headed to the streets of Florence to capture memories! photo-1 Our grocery store excursion was relaxing yet hectic. It was difficult seeing eye-to-eye on what items we needed and didn’t need. Parents might enjoy the fact that we were given a budget for groceries and were told to buy lunch and breakfast foods for the week. So we obviously bought two bags of cookies and salami; I think I’m ready for college. At night, we went to see a show on the ponte vecchio, packed with acrobats on boats and colorful fireworks. photo Climbing the bell tower at the duomo was beyond amazing. 414 steps and 20 minutes later….we arrived at what seems to be the most excellent view of the entire city of firenze (pronounced firense, thanks Luna!) Everything looks better from the top! Then we ventured into the baptistery (where anyone would love to be baptized) right next door to see the murals of early Christianity on the ceilings. Can’t wait to climb the Duomo tomorrow! photo-2