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First Week in Cadiz
by Student, Alexis R. , Tennessee

by Claire D.

Things are in full swing here in Cadiz. We’ve started to really get into the different way of living here, from eating dinner at 9 to having an afternoon siesta. This week, we started classes and enjoyed many different afternoon activities.
Our group is split into two separate classes during the morning. In these classes, we learn a lot of vocabulary and grammar that will help us with communicating here in Spain as well as in other Spanish speaking countries. Something that I really like about the classes here is that we learn things that are actually applicable to everyday living. In classes at home, I oftentimes find myself learning vocabulary that I will probably never use in my life. Learning more commonly-used words and phrases is so much more beneficial. Additionally, in class we often talk with people on the streets around the school. We often go to the market and talk to the people there, asking them questions, and learning the language.
We also began our afternoon classes this week. We could either choose photography or conversation. I chose photography, and have had a great week in the class, taking over 400 photos.
Monday night, we all participated in a scavenger hunt all around the city. It was so fun to spend time with friends and take silly pictures imitating statues and doing cartwheels in front of monuments.
Tuesday night, we went to a Spanish film at a local theater. We all saw either “The Fault in Our Stars,” “Maleficent,” a cheesy Spanish romance movie, or a new Tom Cruise film. Although the movies were entirely in Spanish, I think that we can all say that we had a good time.
Wednesday, we all participated in surf classes in New Cadiz. All I can really say about that afternoon is that surfing looks a lot easier than it is. After many wipeouts, we finally returned to Old Cadiz and hung out at the beach for the night.
Claire D. evening view
Thursday night, we went back to the school to watch a flamenco performance. It was probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. It was so cultural and flamboyant.
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