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First Week in Cadiz

by Hayden M. Hola! The first week of classes is officially over and this past week has flown by. Since Tuesday we have attended our morning classes, per usual, hungout, watched some “futbol”, and have seen flamenco. On Wednesday, we watched Spain, unfortunately, lose to Chile and fall out of the World Cup. We watched the game at a place called Mina 5, where there were tons of people dressed head to toe in Spanish colors rooting for their home team.

photo 1

On Thursday we had our regular morning class then most of us met at the beach to hang out and relax before the evening activity. On Thursday night we went to see a flamenco show. The dancers and singers were amazingly talented and very into their performance. The show ran a little long, but everyone still enjoyed themselves and had a good time. After the performance we hung out at Plaza Mina and bonded more.

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On Friday, we had our normal class in the morning as well as our elective in Spanish culture and conversation. After classes, all the girls went shopping. Cadiz has some of the best stores that are not in America which makes it very easy to put a nice dent in your debit card. At night we went into Old Cadiz and got take out from a restaurant and ate it on the beach. However, before we got to New Cadiz we were walking to the bus stop and there was some sort of parade going on with people in costumes and a marching band–all very festive. Adios, Hayden


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