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First Sunday in Fiesole

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First Sunday in Fiesole

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Today we all were greeted by a bright, sunny (and hot!!!) Florentine morning.

What better way to spend our first Sunday in Toscana than a day trip to the hilltop town of Fiesole!

We took a city bus in the morning (with real Italians around!) and said grazie to the bus driver before arriving at the beautiful town square.

Once there, and after a good Italian espresso break, we walked up to the hill and saw probably the most beautiful view of Florence available!

The butterfly tamer!

Several pictures later (students could not stop!), we visited the Convento di San Francesco, a beautiful church from the 14th century. Then we had a picnic of paninis, tea, and fruit in the park next to the church. We enjoyed games like Frisbee, futbol, and even a good group round of Two Truths and a Lie while lounging in the shade.

Chilling out in Fiesole

After our bus ride back to Florence, we got ready for dinner! Students were very excited, and after a good lasagna, pasta con pesto, salad, and cous cous, we were ready for our first residence night: we played Pictionary together and went to sleep very happy and excited; tomorrow (Monday) will be our first day of class!

Stay tuned and we will have more Florentine adventures to tell! Buona notte from Firenze! -Anastasia Valecce


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