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First Impressions
by Student, Lola R. , Barcelona, Spain

IMG_3804When the plane finally arrived in Barcelona, I was shaking with excitement despite my exhaustion. I had been waiting for what seemed like forever to do the program, which perhaps explains why it so felt surreal to me when I was in the air, like I was in a dream and about to wake up in my bed in California. The feeling lasted until the airplane door opened and I was struck with a wave of sticky, immersive heat- that was the moment I knew without a doubt I was in a foreign country.

One thing that struck me as we left the airport was how all the signs were printed in three languages: Spanish, English, and Catalan. I had never heard or read Catalan before and it was interesting to see how similar it was to Spanish, yet incomprehensible to me. I hope I can learn a bit of the language to take home with me when I leave.


Fast forward to the weekend, when we packed in more in two days than I thought possible. My sore feet are a testament to all the sightseeing we did- first the beautiful Girona, where I was astounded by the enormity of the cathedral, and the intricacy of the ancient relics dedicated to the saints. Exploring the stone wall surrounding the city was a fun hike and offered breathtaking views of the city.

Visiting Girona was followed by fun restaurants, plazas, and walks on the beach, all under the scorching heat of the Spanish sun. I was exhausted by the time I got back to the dormitory on Sunday night, but also excited to start my classes which begin today. Next time I´ll provide updates on what the curriculum and teachers are like- stay posted!

-Lola R.

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