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First Day of Classes in Florence!

imageThe past few days have been amazing! I’m am shocked by how much beauty one city can have in so many different parts of it. Whether it’s the intricate details on the historical buildings or the Duomo, each corner of this city has proven to be special.

Monday was especially exciting, because it was the start to our first day of class. I can already tell from one day that with the teachers’ guidance, my art will improve. In one day I learned the importance of focusing on the object or place you’re drawing rather than your actual drawing. Lindsay and Willie, my two morning “super arts” teachers, had us practice an exercise called “blind contour drawing”, which really forced each student to see the importance of looking at the actual thing you’re drawing. A blind contour drawing is when you draw an object without picking up your pencil or even looking at the paper. Although all our drawings came out humorous and unrealistic, if proved how each person has the ability to have their own style of art and can truly trust their hands.  image4

  Aside from the classes, I’ve been able to explore such great meals, my favorite being the pesto pasta. I love the freedom the program gives us to explore our own interests.image5 Overall the day was great, and I could not have been more satisfied with my classes! -Ariella

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