Health Issues

Should I get vaccinations before I go?

To make a well-informed decision, we recommend that you consult the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. You can call the CDC hotline for international travelers at 1-877-FYI-TRIP (1-877-394-8747); send a fax to 1-888-CDC-FAXX (1-888-232-3299), or view CDC's Internet home page at ...

What if I have a medical problem while on the trip?

Our staff will immediately arrange for a doctor's visit, take you to a hospital, help you fill your prescription and otherwise assist you in accessing qualified medical help. You are required to purchase medical insurance prior to coming on our programs. Be sure to get detailed information about your insurance policy, coverage terms and limits, ...

What if I am regularly taking medication or have other medical needs?

Be sure to bring an adequate supply of the medication with you, along with a copy of the original prescription and your doctor's contact information. It is also essential that you accurately fill out the medical form and otherwise keep our staff well-informed about your needs to help us better provide for your health and safety.