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Falling for Florence

Italy – How do I even begin to explain the excitement that rushed through my body when I exited the airport in Pisa? The warm breeze and beautiful scenery was enough to keep me awake after many hours of traveling from New York. Right from the start, I got to know a big group of friendly and unique people. The staff was extremely understanding and helpful with any personal issues, and they were super welcoming, making everyone feel at home.

The only nerves left in me after my arrival in Italy came from wanting to see the apartment. I was scared the space would be too small, hot, and even dark, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The beauty of the building is captivating, and the comfort is beyond my expectations. The art and history that is apparent throughout this building is what makes it so special.

Once we arrived, we unpacked and settled in. During the evening we went on a mini tour of Florence, seeing all the beautiful historical spots and places to shop. Then we sat at a delicious dinner with the group. Though by the end of the day I was exhausted from the traveling and settling in, I could already tell that this summer will be an unforgettable experience! -Ariella