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Exploring Nice

by Grant T. In the past three days we have had so much free time. We were given this time always after lunch for an hour and a half and also sometimes at night. Each day as a group we eat lunch in the park followed by an hour or so of free time. Usually a group of others and I walk around town trying to find the best pastry shop, which has become my European/French obsession. Once we buy our pastries, we go to find a place to sit and just talk. It’s been almost a week so far and we all know each other very well and get along great. Yesterday we had the choice of either going to a museum or spend the afternoon in Nice however we pleased. For me it was a no brainer: free time. A group of us walked for what seemed two hours to get on top of a hill to a get a beautiful picture and view of the city and waterfront. Each time I see the water I can’t help but stare at how blue and pure the water in the Mediterranean is. Grant T. Med Tonight, we also had an hour or so to walk on the beach in St. Laurent which was awesome because the sunset was very nice and there were many street venders set up to make for good night life. Also, today we went to a water park, Aquasplash, which is located in Antibes and is just a quick train ride a couple of towns over. There, we had three hours to have fun as well as spend some time in the water and sun!

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