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Every First Has a Last

There have been so many firsts in my month in Aix-en-Provence; so many moments that made me feel as if I was infinite; so many places and songs and experiences that made my heart and my soul vibrate; so many hours that made me believe that I belonged there; so many people through whom I discovered eternity…

In my very first blog, I told you that I believe that there are places you have to visit, moments you have to live, people you have to meet and that life will keep rearranging itself over and over again until all these happen. My month in Aix-en-Provence was for me the proof of this theory of mine; I expected it to be, but still, looking back now, remembering my experiences over and over again, feeling as if the adventure started yesterday, I am surprised and my heart fills with joy and calm happiness.

All the moments, all the firsts, all the smiles, and the laughs, and the small talk, and the philosophical topics are very important. Still, people make the difference! When I read something like this before, I thought it was nonsense; I thought, “It will never happen to me.” It did, though; here, in Aix-en-Provence, I discovered a home away from home and the people I just met a month ago have become a second family! I can only hope that when I leave for university next year, I will be lucky enough to meet people as extraordinary as the ones I met in Aix.

Unfortunately, every first has a last. Yesterday, I dined with my friends here in Aix for the last time, and today was our last day together.

There are many ways to keep memories: there are photos and videos and songs and blog posts and diaries. Still, I find the mental pictures the best way to forever keep a moment with you, in your heart and mind and soul. You widely open your eyes and you count to three; the result is a chaotic mix of light and darkness and faces and feelings and music and laughs and love that together turns that specific memory into perfection! Perfection in this case will forever have a divine scent of lavender and summer nostalgia…


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