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End of Classes in Cadiz

by Sarah H-K. We are now all done with classes and approaching the end of our stay here in Cádiz. Since Tuesday, we have learned a lot more in class and also continued exploring the city. On Wednesday we had a tapas contest. My roommates and I made pigs in a blanket, which turned out more like pigs in empanadas because we used empanada dough. We all met at the beach with our creations and sampled the food. Groups made everything from fried pickles to Oreo balls. We had a good time hanging out and sampling the dishes at the beach, and although my roommates and I were not the champions any activity involving food is a win to me. On Thursday we went to the museum of Cádiz in the afternoon. The museum had three floors, starting with ancient artifacts on the first floor and getting more modern as you go up. That night, we had another “noche en casa” to wind down. Today we finished up our classes by watching a Spanish movie called “Ocho Apellidos Vascos,” a “romcom” reminiscent of “The Proposal.” We then had our last electives and the photography class put on an exhibition of some of our work. We had work from our photo shoots, as well as ones of the class in action. For dinner we went out as a group and got tapas. We then had some free time and a few of us had some tea at a Moroccan tea place.